Welcome to the adventures of a vintage VW bus and her companions across the Americas! Read about our story, our adventures, and follow us along as we explore this gorgeous world.

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Food and Fashion: Perspectives on Simplicity

Vanlife does not collide well with dressing to the nines, and it doesn’t have to. There is simplicity in forgetting to brush your hair in the morning or cooking something cheap. An exploration of adaptation to road life through food and fashion.

Read Big Emma’s diary and experience the trip from the perspective of the Bus:


Big Emma in the Woods

In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out this new short video, made by two absolutely amazing filmmaker friends of ours. Like us, they fell in love with Big Emma and just had to put her on camera.

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Travel and Travelers

How to Not Kill Your Travel Buddy

This week we have a new guest post by traveler and blogger Lindsay Shapka of TheAnthrotorian.com! Traveling with a buddy can be fun, but there can be times when things may not go as smoothly as you planned. Here are a few tips to make traveling together as peaceful as possible.

Language and Culture

The Night Robin Hood Stole our Tools in Mexico

Robin Hood has returned to help the poor and steal from the rich. But what if you are the rich and he breaks into your overlanding vehicle? An essay about action movies, perspective, and losing your toolbox in Mexico.