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Travel and Travelers
Snapshots: It Sounds Like an Adventure

Traveling like we do, there is always a soundtrack playing in the background. Occasionally made of music, it is also the sounds of the streets, the people, the atmosphere that make a place come alive. Sounds continue to define a place long after you are gone, and are part of what makes every day an adventure.

Gender Roles in Vanlife

Vanlife is a popular form of alternative living. And yet, more often than not, vanlifers appear to take on rather classic gender roles. What is the typical gender-role division in vanlife, and why is it so predictable?

Guest Posts
How to Not Kill Your Travel Buddy

This week we have a new guest post by traveler and blogger Lindsay Shapka of! Traveling with a buddy can be fun, but there can be times when things may not go as smoothly as you planned. Here are a few tips to make traveling together as peaceful as possible.

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